Texas-capes Near Mount Calm

Did you know? In 1974, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) established the Family Land Heritage Program in order to honor families who have continuously operated Texas farms and ranches for at least 100 years. This one is down the way from Mount Calm and if you travel to Waco, you probably see it on your left all the time.That same year, the TDA printed the first registry of honorees and hosted the first Family Land Heritage Day, during which the families received certificates by the Agricultural Commissioner. The program still continues, with new honorees accepted to the registry every year. Applicants submit a form with information about when the land was settled and by whom, how the applicant relates to the founder, information about the crops and buildings of the farm or ranch, historical significance of the land, and a brief family history. Supplemental documentation, such as deeds or photographs, is required to prove the founding year and the family ownership of the farm or ranch.

Snow on the Mountain comes out this time of year, every year, and you know Fall is close at hand (at least you are hopeful!). We were lucky enough to catch a juvenile Sissortail (the State bird of Oklahoma by the way – Texas is the Mockingbird).