A Hubbard Bride

Monday History – How about a wedding? This is Pearl Taulman, the sister of Joseph. She was married here in Hubbard in 1894, and luckily, her brother Joseph, took this lovely photograph of her at the time. Pearl was born in 1875 in Texas and lived in Hubbard. There was a Christopher family that lived here in Hubbard, but this morning I can’t find who her husband was by looking on Ancestry. I do know she ended up in Fort Worth and gave singing and piano lessons there. She is buried in Hubbard. Even in this photo she is a bit mysterious! If anyone has information about her, please post. I don’t think she had any children and when she died in 1945 at the age of 70, she was listed as a widow and her brother was the signer. Pearl – One of the early beauties of HUBBARD!