Texas Film Friendly Hubbard!

Marty Kimbrough recently elected to a Board of Directors position with the Hubbard Chamber of Commerce, represented Hubbard and attended the Texas Film Commission virtual workshop provided by the Office of the Governor of Texas. This was the first of three steps required to establish Hubbard as a Texas Film Friendly Community and allow Hubbard to be “in the mix” for tv, film, commercial and other media considerations, from the Office of the Governor of Texas. Once the process is completed, this will open a positive revenue opportunity for our town, local businesses and Hubbard citizens. Not to mention the potential tourism draw to our historic sites (which translates into sales tax revenue which directly helps Hubbard). The increased visibility of all we have to offer, our history, our Texas small town hospitality and our wonderful Hubbard people are just some of the great things that await those who visit. More information will follow as we get closer to becoming a Certified Texas Film Friendly.