Churches of Hubbard – United Methodist Church of Hubbard

Did you know a famous architect from Dallas planned and built Hubbard United Methodist Church? His name was James Edward Flanders. He built hundreds of buildings including the Navarro County Courthouse. The contract for construction of the extant Methodist Episcopal Church South of Hubbard was awarded to L.J. Kauhl in November, 1910 for a bid of $20,000. Construction began just over a month later and by the following July the exterior was almost complete. The members expected a completion date of September 1. The church was designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1991.Two, very small quarter round balconies are in both rear corners of the church. The rear wall extends completely across the back of the sanctuary but can be lifted by turning a single small crank. Catwalks in the attic permit the lowering of light fixtures so bulbs can be changed. The church contains over a hundred stained glass windows. The Hubbard church is an important one because it shows a break from Flanders use of the traditional Akron plan and the exterior is unlike any other known Flanders churches. Hubbard is very lucky to have an architectural gem created by one of Texas’s most famous architects! If you would like to read more about J. E. Flanders this is an excellent site. http://jameseflanders.homestead.com/index.html