Cars, Not Just Cars, But Rare Cars in Hubbard

We know there are tons of car enthusiasts in Hubbard, and one of the largest collections was right here in Hubbard! Berta Leon, as you know, is the doll collector. She has graciously donated many vintage dolls to the Hubbard Museum (a must see). But did you also know that her husband, J. S. Leon, who is now deceased, was a big collector of vintage automobiles and housed many here in Hubbard? This is a wonderful article about Mr. Leon and his collection from the Corsicana newspaper. Berta Leon was also a former Mayor of Hubbard! – Corsicana Daily Sun – Corsicana, Texas 07 Dec 1975, Sun • Page 17

Thanks to Casie Freeman we have an idea of the extent of the car collection of Berta Hackney Leon and her husband. In March of 2019, the cars went on auction by Sotheby’s. What an amazing collection and my question is which one would you have if you could buy any of them? Mine would be the Silver Phantom – what about you? (Of course I love them all!) Link to the catalogue and photos of the collection. http://media.rmsothebys.com/digitalc…/2019/am19/index.html