History & Who We Are

Discover Hubbard Texas is a Registered Trademark of The Greater Hubbard Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce has been a mainstay of Hubbard since the 1980’s. Prior to that, at the formation of Hubbard, a former Chamber of Commerce formed the town and created many businesses and opportunities here in Hubbard.

Hubbard has always been a town of “looking ahead” and “hoping for the future”. Throughout the page posts, you will learn about our businesses both past and current and our history.

We are all volunteers. Some of us work from home and some of us have brick and mortar businesses in and around Hubbard. This is a new time, a new turning point where standard businesses stand along non-standard business. We all need each other to continue a positive momentum for Hubbard, and in conjunction, the small towns and cities around us. It takes us all.

We hope you find these pages of interest and visit the business list as well as the interesting places to visit lists. From historians, to fisherman, to day-trippers and antique and bargain hunters (don’t forget the foodies!) – Hubbard has something for you waiting to be discovered! Come see us, come check out our homes for sale. We always love new neighbors!


Members of the Greater Hubbard Chamber of Commerce.